Welcome to Adapt!

Adapt stands for adaptation and flexibility. Our name reflects the company’s spirit and operations.

Our core business is provision of equipment and personnel in the areas of EVENT, EXPO, LIVE, and INSTALLATION. This means that we deliver almost everything required for holding, e.g. a launch, a fair, a concert, or a technical installation.

Many different competencies are required for being a turnkey event provider, and we have gained them all in the almost 15 years we have been working in the industry. Nowadays, our competent and driven staff hold slightly more than 250 events per year. We know what works, both in terms of usability and quality for all types of event equipment, e.g. sound, lighting, and imaging equipment, as well as sets and interior decoration.

We can help with both individual services and turnkey solutions. You can also engage us only in order to ensure the quality of an event. We can help with the idea, project management, drawings, selection of equipment, and, finally, with the pure installation work. We draw and present the solutions we develop using 3D drawings.

We tour all over Europe with our productions and are in the habit of both driving and working outside Sweden’s borders. Our technical coordinators and project managers are used to working on projects outside the country and are aware of the problems that normally arise. This is why they are a vital resource in any project abroad.

Adapt is nowadays represented in four cities in Sweden. The company was established in 1999 by Jonathan Olsson and Viking Grandin, who are still sole owners. Adapt had 18 full-time employees and a turnover of SEK 25.5 million for 2012.

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For more information in English please contact:

Viking Grandin, Senior Project Manager/CEO, +46 709 43 12 01, viking@adapt.se
Jonathan Olsson, Administration/technical manager, +46 0709 43 12 02, jonathan@adapt.se