Barco EC-200 controller

Fristående kontrollyta som används för att styra Barco E2 processor.

The EC-200 leverages the ease of use of its smaller brother, the EC-50 event controller, while adding a syntax-based programming methodology that accelerates programming, offers immediate access to system resources, and streamlines show programming in a way that’s unique to the Event Master system. Redefining the way screen management is handled for large events, this syntax-style programming greatly simplifies and speeds up your job.

Unique features

Compatible with both the S3-4K and E2 Event Master processors, the EC-200 is a stand-alone controller featuring a Linux-based operating system and a built-in Central Processing Unit (CPU). It brings the ability to have source, preset, layer, and destination selection at your fingertips, along with a trackball, dedicated programming section and two touchscreen displays. The EC-200 also provides instant access to switch sources live on program, and enables you to select large groups of resources at the same time, and manipulate layers like never before.

Higher situational awareness

The EC-200 offers greater situational awareness and worry-free operation by enabling you to check more information simultaneously and know precisely what will happen next. The controller is the perfect tool for a wide range of shows – from a tradeshow booth, to a large corporate event, even for the largest music tours.

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  • Controls multiple EventMaster Series systems, including E2 and S3-4K
  • Allows for an external control system to interact over a separate network interface
  • Two additional DVI outputs for monitors to increase workspace, or add on up to 2 EC-50 for ultimate expansion
  • 2 internal 15.6-inch wide screen full HD (1,920x1,080) touchscreens with 10 point multi touch

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